Gift of Securities Instructions

To help us track your securities transfer in a timely manner, please inform Shannon Woodward in the Office of Gift Planning at 504-314-7272, 800-999-0181 (toll free) or of the stock you intend to transfer or the approximate value of your gift, the purpose of your gift, and your broker's name and phone number, if applicable.

 Securities held in your brokerage account


Your gift of securities can be transferred to the account of The Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund by providing the following transfer instructions to your broker:

     State Street Corporation
     DTC #0997
     Further credit to account #: WA62
     Account Name: Tulane Gift Account
     Donor Name: [your name]
     Attention: Jared Douglas

Tulane also maintains gift accounts with other brokerage firms, so it may be possible for your broker to transfer shares by journal entry instead of by a DTC transfer.  Contact the Office of Gift Planning to obtain a sample broker instruction letter containing all pertinent information.

 Securities held in certificate form

If the certificates are in your possession and unendorsed, mail certificates, with letter of instruction, by FIRST CLASS mail.

Separately mail to the same address the stock/bond power, filled out only with the number of shares and your guaranteed signature.

Use the address below for both mailings:

     Maria Montgomery
     Accounting Office
     Tulane University
     1030 Audubon Street
     New Orleans, LA 70118-5239

If the certificates are already endorsed send by REGISTERED MAIL or deliver by hand to Maria Montgomery at the address above.

 Mutual fund shares

Contact Shannon Woodward in the Office of Gift Planning at 504-314-7272, 800-999-0181 (toll free) or for instructions; transfer procedures vary with each mutual fund.  A transfer of mutual fund shares usually takes longer than a transfer of stocks or bonds.


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